Seven Suggestions for Success

If these seven suggestions really could bring great success, why would I be writing this post instead of sipping Pimm’s Cup on a sail boat in the Mediterranean?  Just in case you make better use of these suggestions, send me an email describing your success.

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So That’s Why

It’s time I offered something practical for you to try.  Up to this point, many of my blog posts have offered you, my readers, unsolicited groupings of words.  Sometimes those words did help or comfort or confuse, but of what use were they really?  So it’s time to offer you some intentionally formed words to ponder.


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An Old Man

Today I realized I had become an old man.  It wasn’t so much my age, although realizing my birthday was fast approaching had forced me to admit more years had passed than were to come.  Suddenly becoming an old man wasn’t just a bad attitude, although my attitude had suddenly taken a turn towards melancholy and nostalgia that was a bit unhealthy.

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