quotes-hope-01-samuel-johnson-600x411Thanks for stopping by my blog.  To view my most recent posts, click on an item from Recent Posts on the right hand side of this page or to view all my posts, click on the Blog button on the menu bar above.

Basically, the blog is about sources of hope.  It is a place for discussion in which we will discover that hope functions as a viable alternative to the anxiety and tension caused by difficult relationships, major life events, issues surrounding religion and spirituality, and the conduct of our lives amidst the realities of politics, economics and social tensions.  I will provide you a sense of assurance that hope can mediate our individual and collective sources of anxiety and uncertainty.  In addition, I will connect you with resources for further discovery and insight.  My hope is that after reading from this blog you will leave with a sense of peace.  Come back regularly to read new articles and find new resources.

I am a former banker, teacher, coach and head of several independent schools and most recently a pastor.  I am now retired.  I am also trained in conflict mediation, life coaching, and counseling.  At this stage of life, I just want to share some of what I have learned and some of what I am learning.  And of course, I’d like to write the next great American novel.



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